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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday 7th February


This week we will be exploring different areas of Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG). 

To begin with, we will be learning about the different word classes and the job that different words within a sentence can do. 

Watch the video here and have a go at the activities. 


Today, we are learning how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions. Click here to watch the video lesson and then have a go at the questions attached below. smiley


For our art lesson today, we are going to create artwork inspired by Roy Lichtenstein. Look through the PowerPoint slides (below) to learn about the artist and how he used dots to create a comic book style for his art.


I would like you to experiment with this art style today. I have attached some Lichtenstein colouring pages which you could use to start with before drawing your own. Have fun! smiley