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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Thursday 7th January 2021

As well as the activities below, remember that you have access to TT Rockstars, MyMaths and Spelling Shed.  If you need a reminder of this week's spellings, they are below.

Maths - Divide by 10

Today you will be revising how to divide numbers by 10.  



As you are all such avid readers, I would like you to share with the class some of your favourite books.  I would like you to review a book that you have recently read, and, if you would like to, share your review during our Zoom chat tomorrow. 


It is really important that you all keep up with your reading during this Lockdown, but we are aware that having access to books might be limited for now.  If you need any help accessing new books, drop us an email and we will try to help you out.


So, what makes a great review? Most of all, be honest. Readers value your opinion. Other things to think about:

- What did you like or not like about this book and why? Who would you recommend it to?

- Where/ when is the book is set? Who are the main characters? Can you summarise the story without giving too much away?

- What type of book is it? Funny? Scary? Exciting? Is it non-fiction? Does it have illustrations? 

And lastly, no spoilers please! Most of us hate finding out the ending of a book before we read it. 

It doesn’t matter who read the book or who writes the review – we just want to hear your opinion. Share the books you love (and those you're not so keen on too) here.


Below is a book review I wrote for ‘To Be a Cat,’ by Matt Haig.


This book is about a boy called Barney. He is feeling very sorry for himself right now, and with good reason. His father has mysteriously vanished and he is being bullied at school, by the head teacher! Barney wishes he could lead the simple, uncomplicated life of a cat and soon learns that you should be careful what you wish for...!


Although the book covers some quite dark topics, which I thought my children would find a bit scary, they seemed unfazed and really enjoyed the story... although if you are easily scared or worried, then this isn't the book for you right now. The story has a good pace, and has plot twists, enough cliff hangers to keep you turning the page, and a good ending. The main 'good' characters are very likeable, and the 'bad' characters suitably ... bad!

We are all fans of Matt Haig books in our family, and it's great to have stories that all of us can enjoy together.

Both of my two children (aged 8 and 11) absolutely loved this book.


I would recommend this book for year 3 to year 6

Reviewed by Mrs B


In school, we will be carrying on with our quest to build up stamina in our running.  If you are able to, go for a run too.  If this is not possible at the moment, try and get some different exercise.  This could be riding your bike, trampolining, skipping, making up a dance etc.  Let me know how you have kept fit today.


We are starting a new unit today - creation.  Use the PowerPoint below to guide you through the cold task. Then complete the PowerPoint to create a poem about the wonders of our world.

What do people think about the creation of our world?