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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Wednesday 25th March


Read pages 27 to 40 of Wonder and answer the questions below. 

1. Which of the three students that August meets do you think will turn out to be a bully? Why? Use quotes to support your answer. (3 marks)

2. How did the other students react to August? Use quotes to support your answer. (2 marks)


P.S. Today at 4pm, RJ Palacio (the author) will be reading Wonder live! You can watch or listen to this on her Twitter account @rjpalacio 



We are going to carry on with our non-chronological reports. Think about the different sections you have researched and planned for (such as appearance, habitat, diet, fun facts, etc.). Using the planning document you completed yesterday, can you write the title, introduction and one more paragraph. Think about including your scientific language and trying to sound like an expert! Which AP features do you think would work well in these sections? Once you've written it, read your work allowed to someone at home - do you sound convincing? What could you change to make it sound even more formal?



We are going to carry on with our work around Ratio and Proportion. Today, please visit where you can access 5 lessons!  Over the next few days, please watch the videos, have a go at the activities (in your pink exercise book) and then check your answers. You can still use MyMaths if required to practise some more ratio work.



At 9am each morning this week, Joe Wicks will be streaming a PE session to keep us all active and moving. It will be a great way to start your day and I am sure your family would love to join in too! If you were having a lie-in, then you will be able to find the session on Joe Wicks' youtube channel and join in at any point!

You can find them here:



Today, test a grown up on the spellings set for this week. Can you spot any 'deliberate' mistakes they made? Can you correct them? 



Last week, Mrs Judge talked to us about the process she follows when producing some of her wonderful paintings. She explained that she looks at the object (usually an animal) that she is going to draw and takes lots of photos of it. She then chooses her favourite photo and uses this as her inspiration. 

This week, use a camera, phone or tablet to take a photo of something around your house or garden that you find interesting. It could be a view, a person, an object, a pet, an insect or anything else that catches your eye. Once you have taken a photo, use a pencil to sketch the key details onto paper. Mrs Judge told us that this is the most important part - if you get your sketching wrong, the painting won't look right when you add colour. 

Once you are happy with your drawing, add some colour. This could be with paint, pencils, crayon, pastels, collage or whatever you can find at home. Take your time, come back to it regularly and see what could be changed or improved. Mrs Judge says it often takes months before she is happy with the end result! Good luck!