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Monday 18th January

Daily Zoom


Don't forget we have got our hour-long session on Zoom today, between 12 and 1pm. We will have a chat about what we want to write about this week for our persuasive text, as well as checking our understanding of the maths work for today. 


We will use the same password and meeting ID as usual.



Today we are going to be reading chapter 6. This is a particularly emotive chapter - can you think about all of the different emotions that are on display throughout. How must the soldiers have been feeling at different points? 

Have a go at answering the questions below.


1. Why were the soldiers ‘buoyant with optimism’ at the start of the chapter?


2. Why do you think the horses did not enjoy the journey to France?


3. Describe in detail why the soldiers became ‘silent and sombre’ as they docked in France?


4. How did Tophorn support Joey?


5. How does Joey describe his relationship with Captain Nicholls?


6. Why do you think the men had swords? Was this a good idea?


7. Why do you think that Joey kept on running after he lost Captain Nicholls?


8. How do you feel about the death of Captain Nicholls?


9. How do you think Joey feels about the loss of Captain Nicholls?


10. Define the following words and phrases:

  • ‘extravagant reminiscences’ (P53)
  • ‘an air of great exuberance and expectancy’ (P46)
  • ‘jocular spirits’ (P48)


(40 minutes)



Today is our test day! Can you ask a parent or a sibling to test you on our spellings from last week. They are:












Then, please log in to SpellingShed to have a look at our new spellings for the week. We are going to be looking at when we use -ou- or -ow- within a word. You can also find our new words in the Spellings section of our website.


(20 minutes)



We are going to be thinking about how we can use division to help solve problems today. Some of these problems may look straightforward, but take special care over any word problems - think about what you are being asked to calculate. You can watch the video here and then have a go at the worksheet down below. Questions 8 and 9 are particularly tricky - you will need to think very carefully about these and we will talk through them during our zoom call. 


(50 minutes)



This week we will be planning, researching and writing our very own, independent persuasion text. I want you to think about something you feel passionately about - this will help you to be particularly emotive and effective in your writing. 

Have a watch of the first 12 minutes of Mr Brown's video here; it may help to give you some ideas of the sort of things you could write about - climate change, getting a pet, a club at school or something you want to change in your local area. It really is up to you what you want to write about, but your writing will be more powerful if it is something you truly believe in. 

Think very carefully about who you are writing to - this will help you to decide what type of language choices will help to connect and engage with them. 

We will be planning our writing today and carrying out any research that may help us to be persuasive today. You don't need to actually start writing today as we will be doing that tomorrow. Try to complete a plan, thinking about a powerful opening, at least 2 PEPS paragraphs (where you will use all of your persuasive tricks - flattery, presumption and veiled threats, as well as formal conjunctions) and a short summary.


(1 hour)



Joe Wicks is doing his thing once again this morning. We will be joining in in school - feel free to go to The Body Coach Youtube Channel to join in as well. You might choose to do this when you feel like you need some exercise or a bit of a wriggle!


Alternatively, invent your own workout for you and your family to try.

Choose 10 activities, do each of them for 30 seconds before having a 30 second rest, then repeat them all again. If you go for this option, let us know what your workout involved and how effective it was.


(30 Minutes)