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Tuesday 26th January

Daily Zoom


Don't forget we have got our hour-long session on Zoom today, between 12 and 1pm. We will spend some time today looking at our Maths task as we venture into our new area of maths, before talking through our reading. 


We will use the same password and meeting ID as usual.



Today we would like you to read Chapter 12 and then have a go at answering these questions.


  1. How does Joey describe the developments in the war?
  2. How does Joey describe the men he is working with?
  3. Describe in detail what the conditions were like for the horses.
  4. Describe the character of Coco?
  5. What happened to Heinie?
  6. When horses became ill, what happened to them?
  7. What did Joey say was killing the horses?
  8. Define the following words from the passage. Write their definition then put them into a sentence. Make sure each sentence has a conjunction and makes use of interesting adjectives.


  • excruciatingly (P101)
  • recuperation (P102)
  • intermittently (P103)


(40 minutes)



Now we have our new spellings, have a go at the task below, putting our words into a sentence. Check with a grown up to make sure the word fits in the context you have used it.


(20 minutes) 



Today we have two short videos for you to have a look at; the first (here) looks at how colons can be used in non-chronological texts to add detail. This will be important in our non-chronological reports, as it is the detail that makes us sound like experts, telling readers the information they probably don't know. There are a few activities within the video so make sure you pause it and have a go at using the colons in the correct places. 


The second video today is another short video (found here) it is essentially a short film we are going to watch about pandas. Your job is to collect as much information as you can that will help you over the next few days. Remember you can watch it more than once so you don't miss any of the interesting detail. 


(50 minutes) 



Remember we have a challenge for this week - the 5 activities. These are here for across the week and we will be posting them all each day. Our writing is a touch shorter this week, so if you finish early over the next week you can have a go at some of them. I will be posting the answers on Friday so keep hold of them and use them. These are not your main tasks for the day, but a greater depth challenge, so if you are up to the challenge have a go at a few of them across this week. 


(30 minutes)



We move our work on percentages on a bit today; we are looking at the meaning of percent and how we can change fractions to percentages. This should be something we can do as we can apply our knowledge of turning fractions to decimals and vice versa to help. It is by using our knowledge that we have already gained to make brand new topics seem like things we already know. 


So while thinking about the things we know and watching the video here we can have a go at the activity below. 


First though: a thinking question to get our brains working, see if you can come up with one fraction for each section. 


(50 minutes)


Outdoor Education/Forest School


Today we were due to be making dens, this was something we asked Miss Guildford if we could do in the Autumn. We might well do this again when we are back together so any skills you pick up now will be invaluable. 


We would obviously do this in the OES with a range of branches, logs, tarpaulin and rope. We don't expect you to have all these things and they might be very tricky to find on a walk so we want you to think about the structure of your den not where it is built. We don't mind if it is in your garden, garage, kitchen or bedroom (though please ask your parents before building your structure). 


We want you to think about the shape of your den, whether it is built leaning against something, the covering on your shelter, how is it going to be attached, is it water proof, can it withstand windy conditions (it might be that it is made of a blanket, which if swapped for waterproof tarpaulin then would be perfect)? Decorations are encouraged and your own touches and ideas will help to make it unique!


(60 minutes)

If you have worked quickly today and you have zipped through our work and it is all of a good quality, then you can have a look at the In case you finish... section. This is full of ideas that you can do if your grown ups are busy still working or with them when they have finished.