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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday 22nd February


Year 1

LQ: How can I compare lengths?

Today we are going to use and understand the language of length such as long, longer, short, shorter, tall, taller. The video has some practical activities to help us to understand and use these words.


Year 2 

This week we will be finishing off our unit on division. We will look at dividing by 2,5 and 10.


To get us started today, we have a practical division activity based on making groups smiley


There won't be a worksheet for today's lesson. If you want to, you can make notes or write answers on paper or in your exercise book. 



Year 1

Play Tricky Word Trucks and Flash Cards Speed Trial



LQ: Which oa?


How many ways can we write oa? 

oa, ow, oe, o-e, o, oh


Blend for reading: coat



Segment for spelling: soap




Practise/ Apply : Read the Phoneme Spotter on Phonics Play together. How many words can they find that contain the 'oa' phoneme? 


Year 2

Spelling alternatives for short /e/


LQ: Can you find the noun, verb and adjective in the sentence? 


Emma sang a beautiful song. 


Teach/Practise ea, h-ea-d, r-ea-dy,  a-n-y

 ea  can also represent the phoneme /e/ in some words. Read the other word cards.


head, deaf, ready, spread, instead, weather


any – which part of the word makes the /e/ phoneme?

any, many


friend- Which part of the word makes the /e/phoneme? 


Apply: Write questions containing today's words. 






This week's English is a mixture of fiction and non fiction work linked to this half term's topic of animals. The Year 1s will be focussing on squirrels and the Year 2s will be learning about owls