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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday 1st June


Today we will be using White Rose to help us with our Maths, focussing on converting fractions to percentages. There is a video to help explain this. If you want some more examples, have a look at today's BBC Bitesize. All of the questions for today are in the document below: 


This week in English, we are going to look at 'Doors - the world of possibility'. Have you ever looked at a door and wondered what might be on the other side?  Where may it lead?  What may be hiding within?  At first glance, a door is just a piece of wood, glass or metal that is opened and closed so that people can get in and out of a room, a vehicle or a space.  But in the hands of a writer, a door represents a world of possibility, a world where things are not only hidden but often closed off and restricted.  Together, through poetry, text games and narrative, we shall explore the potential that a door offers to you, the writer. 


Activity 1 

The world has been, and in many cases still is, in lockdown. Covid-19 has closed schools, shops and some of the things that we take for granted, like playing in the park with our friends. 

★ Make a list of all the things that you miss doing. You may like to think about some of the following categories: 
- seeing family - seeing friends - day to day things 
- playing sports  - exploring your interests - places you love to visit 

These personal reflections might inspire and influence your writing. 


Activity 2 

This is an idea inspired by Kit Wright's poem 'The Magic Box'. (Click here to listen to the poem).  In the poem, Kit imagines what may be contained inside a magical box.  We can use this idea to connect to what could be behind the magical door. 

The magical door could look like this: 

★ Before you begin, brainstorm a list of ideas for what might be behind the door. Let your imagination run wild as there is no wrong answer. Once you have your list, have a go at writing a poem, using the repeating opener: I opened the magical door and saw … 
Here’s an example to help you get going: 
I opened the magical door and saw shadows dancing.

I opened the magical door and saw a rainbow leading to another world.

I opened the magical door and saw people crying.

I opened the magical door and saw a magical fairground flooded in lights. 


Today's art lesson is a Textile Treasure Hunt. 

Please click here and follow the instructions - there is a video to guide you. You will need a pencil and some paper. 


Let us know about any really interesting textures you found and what they looked like on the page!