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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week Beginning 30th November

Thursday 3rd December




We have started our unit on instruction writing and today we are looking at an instruction text (which I have attached below). We are looking at the key features all instruction texts will have and what good examples look like. 


Each instruction text will have a title, an introduction, a you will need section, a method a summary and a top tip. Your instructions might also include a picture to make it easier for the reader. First job is to take the instructions below and label the different sections of the instructions text. 


Next task in a coloured pencil can you underline or write down all the bossy verbs in text, these are words like put or mix. Then in a different colour find all the time opener, these are words like next or first. 



Today in maths we are carrying on with our fraction work, making sure our different methods for all four operations are clear. 


So below is a working sheet that uses all the different methods we have looked at with fractions and put them in different situations. 


Have a go, remembering what we have learnt and how BODMAS and orders effects our calculations. 



Today we are thinking about friendship and how differences are important and make us all more interesting people. 


We are thinking about what makes a good friend, what qualities do we want them to have and how they would treat us. 


For a bit of fun today are designing a friend advert. Design a poster advertising for the position of friend and what qualities they would want. 

You might want to include hobbies and interests you would like them to have and how they would act towards you and others.