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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Wednesday 29th April


Please read page 273 - 283. Then answer these questions.

1. August lies to the teachers about not being able to recognise the 7th graders' faces. Why do you think he did this? (1 mark)

2. Why was August a bit sad when he first walked into his house? (1 mark)

3. Find and copy three adjectives on page 282 that August uses to describe 'the big shift'. (3 marks)



Have a go at your spellings on Spelling Shed. Then see if you can correct my spellings below:













I hope you can do better than me!



Today we will be carrying out some problem solving. Visit, watch the video and then have a go at Lesson 3 - Problem Solving. It will be important to set out your workings logically - I'd recommend using a bar model to solve some of these. 

If you want some extra problems to solve, visit and have a go at the Maths activities on there. 



Having spoken to some of you over the past few weeks, a number of you have mentioned that you are missing singing! It is a tricky activity to set for you at home, but I have found some really good resources for a song that we learned earlier in the year for World Sing Up day. It can be found at

To begin with, you may want to watch the video and warm up your voices.

There are some resources containing the lyrics and melody.

However, if you wish to be more ambitious, you may decide to work with your family to learn the harmony lines as well! 

We would love to hear your final performances!



Today we are going to think about performing poetry. Consider:

Do you think we should read poetry aloud or in our head? 

How does reading aloud help us to understand a poem?

Read this poem by Wes Magee:

This poem currently has no punctuation. Can you read it aloud, then rewrite it, deciding where the punctuation ought to go. 

At home, discuss how the author uses 'enjambment'. Where has enjambment been used?

An explanation is below: