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Homework set on Wednesday 25th January 2023

English Homework


Please continue to practise your spellings on Spelling Shed or a piece of paper.  Remember there are house points available if you get them all right!


Reading Homework

The homework this week is based on the pages that you read last week - pg 45-48.

If you need to re-read the text, read it with someone or have it read to you, then please do this to remind yourself of what happens.

These questions are mainly retrieval questions.  Last time we had a skimming and scanning part to our homework, some people included the time it took them to find the words - you can challenge yourself in this way if you wish.  We trust you to practise these skills without needing you to write it in your Blue Book.


Grammar Homework

Your homework is in the Grammar Book pg 14 and 15.

It is about adverbs.  This are words that 'add' to verbs.  They tell you how, where, when a verb was done.  They can be words or phrases (just to be extra confusing!).  MOST adverbs end in 'ly' but not all of them so don't be caught out by this.



Maths Homework

Number, Ratio and Algebra book pg 16 and 17

pg 16 Multiples Factors and Primes - we did homework on this earlier this half term.  Check the homework set on 11th January if you want to watch the videos again.

pg 17 - Square and Cube numbers.  These are special numbers made when you multiply a number by itself.  Square numbers are numbers like 64 which is the product of 8 x 8.  Cube numbers are numbers like 27 which is a product of 3 x 3 x 3.