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Mr Stink

Hayden’s Mr Stink book review


I have chosen Mr stink because I found it very exciting to read. I wanted to read this because of the front cover. There were lots of quotes saying good things about the book. There was even one that said that the book was hilarious.

I chose this randomly from my shelf. This book was written by David Williams and the drawings were from Quentin Blake. I have read a few David Williams books before. They are all fun to read. Quentin Blake also illustrated for Roald Dahl.

The story is amazing because it is lots of things. It is an adventure and a mystery. It is about a girl who is lost, and Mr stink helps her, and she helps him. The main characters are a girl called Chloe and a tramp called Mr Stink.

Mr stink is very smelly, and wears worn out clothes. Chloe is a normal girl just like any other. She feels sad and lonely because her family don’t pay her attention at all.

Mr stink is a wanderer and one day a little girl goes to talk to him. They become friends and they help each other become happier. The book is set in todays world. It could have been set anywhere as the story is about friendship.

The story takes place in a small town somewhere in England. This feels like home and I can picture it in my head. The writing style was easy-ish to read. There were some hard parts but most of it was fun and interesting. The book made me feel sad and happy at the same time.

I was really invested, and the ending was very emotional. The book was exciting and very funny in places. All books are different, and I definitely would like some of my friends to read it.