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★ Let’s investigate some of the words and phrases that help you to write an interesting information text.

The Adjective Game:

Adjectives are used describe a noun. For example:

The tired, old man wandered over the busy road.

To make information writing interesting for the reader you can add adjectives to describe different nouns.


In ‘The Truth about Trolls’, the writer, Professor Folklore, has decided to describe the eyes, nose and teeth of the trolls using two adjectives.

These have been separated using a comma as this is a list.

small, beady eyes _________ , __________ eyes

bulbous, warty nose _________ , __________ nose
sharp, yellow teeth _________ , __________ teeth


Challenge 1:


Draw and label your own troll and think of interesting adjectives to describe different bits of it. Try to make your troll seem friendly or unfriendly.


The troll has:
__________________ , ___________________ horns
__________________ , ___________________ hair
__________________ , ___________________ ears
__________________ , ___________________ hands

If you want an extra challenge, I have included some different ideas for you to use adjectives to extend your writing.