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Homework to be handed in on 21st January

Spellings - suffix ful

Maths Homework:

Arithmetic book.  Pages 28 and 29.

We revised this before Christmas, so this is a chance to check that you are still great at this skill.  Remember to draw a place value grid if it helps!


English Homework:

Grammar book pages 32 and 33.  Co-ordinating and subordinating conjunctions.

Remember:  Co-ordinating conjunctions join two main clauses, that are equally important.  Subordinating conjunctions link a main clause to a subordinate clause.


Punctuation book p. 23 commas to separate clauses.



Set B:  Test 3.


1. How did the boys discover the tunnel?

2. What did the boys hope to find in the cave?

3. Why do you think the second part of the article has been given the heading 'Sixth Sense.'

4. Why did the boys want to leave the cave?

5. ... leaving the boys trapped and in great peril.   What does the word peril mean in this sentences?

6. Explain how the local historians' reaction to the cave's contents is different to the boys' reaction.

Use evidence from the text to support your answer. (2 marks)