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Monday 4th January 2021

Welcome to your home learning for 2021!



Your English for today is a secret mission - so please make sure that your parents do not see the attached document below - you will be doing something for them!

Maths - this is a reminder of how to make numbers 10 times bigger - multiplying by 10.


Today we will be starting our learning on our new topic - Space.  Your first task is to complete a brainstorm on certain areas within this topic.  It is such a fabulous topic, however we only cover a small part of what there is to learn!

Your brainstorm should cover any knowledge you already have about the topics below:

1) The moon

2) Orbits

3) The different planets that are in our solar system

4) Gravity

5) The sun

You can do this work on a plain piece of paper or in your home learning book that you were given in September.

You can use different colours, diagrams and labels.

We are also going to begin keeping a moon diary - the file is attached below or you can make your own. All you need to do is to draw a picture of the moon for the right date.  Obviously, some days it will be too cloudy to see the moon but just complete the diary when you can.