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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Jess French - 'Earth-Warrior' and author of 'Protect the Planet'

If you choose this author, you will be focusing on a non-fiction book which will get you thinking about how you can link your real life with writing. It will focus on being eco-aware and looking after our planet.


Consider why the Earth is a beautiful place that deserves our protection. Split a sheet of paper into three sections – LAND, SEA and SKY – and write down or draw any words, ideas or images that you think of in the boxes. When you have written your initial ideas down, choose one of the categories and create a collage to show why it deserves our protection.


Then, click here to read an extract from Jess French's book - Protect the Planet. 


  1. Is this book ‘fiction’ or ‘non-fiction’? What is the difference? How can you tell?

  2. What does it mean that the Earth is ‘a perfect system’? Use pages 10–11 to help you.

  3. What does Jess French mean when she says that we don’t always treat the planet ‘with kindness’?


Now it is time to head over to watch a video from the author, who will talk to you about her book. Click here to see the video.


In the video, Jess talks about how making a few changes to your everyday life can have a huge impact on the planet – for example turning lights off, walking to school, and using less plastic.

  • Create a list of small changes and attach it somewhere you can see it (for example as a classroom display, or on the fridge at home!). As a class or with your family, tick off each time one of you makes a small change. Keep track of who makes the most changes each week!

  • Write a poem about a world in which we solve all of the environmental issues that Jess talks about in her book. Begin your poem with the words, ‘Imagine a world’.


In her book Jess explains that ‘kindness is key’. By acting in a way that is kind to plants, animals, the environment, and other people, we have the power to save our planet.

  • Think about how any of your traits, characteristics, and talents help to make the world a better place for humans and/or animals. Think of an example of a time you have shown one of these traits.
  • Create a storyboard showing step-by-step how this trait or talent had a positive impact on people, animals, and/or the environment. Underneath your sketches, write a few words explaining what is happening at that stage in the story.
  • Swap your storyboards with a partner so that you can be inspired by each other’s kindness.



Write a letter to one of your friends or family detailing all the important things you’ve learned about how you can protect the planet – try to include some of the facts and important information from the video!