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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week Beginning 16th November

Wednesday 18th November



Today we are going to write our becoming an adult and some of our later life section this is where we find out what wonderful thing Horatio Bottomley has been up to. Now use your plan and yesterday's story to add to the adventure through his life. Remember to use your AP sentences and sentence starters to make your writing more interesting. 


Really give the detail and don't forget to leave those bread crumbs along the way. 


Below is Anne Brown's biography so you know what sorts of things to include, we are looking for the third and forth paragraphs remember. 





Today we are looking at simplifying fractions. This is similar to finding equivalent fractions, like we did on Monday but the denominator will be getting smaller not bigger, while the size of the fraction stays the same value. 


Click here to find a video that will help you simplify fractions. Below is a sheet with a series of questions for you to work through. 



Today we are doing PSHE and looking at differences across the world. What is considered normal and what is considered polite. 


Differences make our world interesting but it is important to recognise them and treat people how they would want to be treated. Task below is to see if you can work out which customs are related to which countries. 

Below are some scenarios for you to have a look at and discuss with someone at home. I want you to have a think about how you should react and what could be done from both points of view. How can both people be respectful and polite.