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Week Beginning 19th October

Welcome to the last few days of your first half term in year 6. We have a funny half week this week so this page will only go up until Wednesday. 


Don't forget to keep up with your homework books, some important things to practice and your reading homework. Both are due in for after half term and the questions and pages are in the normal place in the Autumn section of our class page. 


Monday 19th October


We are looking at long division this week still so if you have completed the online work from Friday you will know it is a tricky method and those were the first few steps of it. 


You can still find the link to the explanation video here. If you are finding it all still a bit tricky there is another link here that takes you to the next video, giving you more examples and explaining it all again. 


Once you have watch one or both the videos there are two activities for you to have a go at on mymaths. You have your log ins at home but if you can't find them just email the class email and we will send them to you. The two tasks you are looking for are 'introduction to long division' and 'short and long division', both will recap what we know and practice some long division. 




Last week you wrote your tension pieces and today in class we are going to be editing them, looking for correct speech punctuation, capital letters at the start of sentences and for proper nouns, as well as some exciting language to describe the setting your character is in. So if you have your piece with you at home this is what you are going to do as well if you don't as you were in school Friday don't panic there is a editing task for you to have a go at below. 


Now as a bit of practice below is a bit of text from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, can you find the 6 missing capital letters, 3 missing commas, 2 missing full stops and 4 missing inverted commas. 


“Oh what a man he is, this Mr Willy Wonka,  cried Grandpa joe.

“Did you know, for example, that he has himself invented more than two hundred new kinds of chocolate bars  each with a different centre each far sweeter and creamier and more delicious than anything the other chocolate factories can make, Grampa Joe paused,  mr willy wonka can make marshmallows that taste of violets, and rich caramels that change colour every ten seconds as you suck them and little feathery sweets that melt away the moment you put them between your lips 

This made charlie want to win that golden ticket more than anything. But how, he knew he didn’t have a hope of affording a bar of chocolate with even a chance of a golden ticket being in there

“sounds amazing  Charlie said glumly.


Now that you have fixed Roald Dahl's work have a look at your own, can you make it more accurate and up level it. 



The rest of our Monday's are taken up with PE so it is important even if you are stuck at home to keep active. So play a game, challenge your family or click here and it will take you to a wealth of different videos PE Joe Wicks has on his channel that are a bit of fun but will get you active. 


If you are feeling a bit creative for your PE session then how about you design a new game or challenge, we will have a go at it in school if you can set a high score and send it in. 


Like all your work you can send it in to the class email or show us on twitter. 

Tuesday 20th October



With it being such a tricky task some more long division practice as we head towards the end of this half term. 


Below is a worksheet that has a few more problem solving questions on it. Question on is interesting as it asks you to think about which method you would choose for different calculations. Whether you would use short division (single digit numbers), long division (double digit numbers) or mental methods (when dividing by numbers like 10). 



As we have finished off our tension writing yesterday we are going to do a little bit of SPAG to finish this half term off. Below is a word document with different activities about nouns. There are 4 types of nouns you will learn about and sort. 

Topic - Art

Over Tuesday afternoon and most of Wednesday we are going have a go at producing some final art work. This will be the final piece on our topic of landscapes, and be a chance for you to put all the things you've learnt into practice. This will mean thinking about what we have learnt and copied from Monet and Constable and using some of their skills. 


While at home this might be tricky as you wont have all the resources we have at school so do the best you can. Two choices for your inspiration, either choose a place that is special to you and use that as your landscape or use a famous painting as an inspiration to start from. Below is a link to a website that contains different landscape paintings from an array of famous artists.


Now you might not have access to paints at home, which is what we have been using in school, so use coloured pencils or a sketching pencil if you can. 


We would love you to send them to the class email if you can so we can admire them. 

Wednesday 21st October



Maths today continues to be based around long division, as we will be using all four operations in lots of different ways after we get back from half term. 

Below is a sheet with some questions for you to have a go at, if you are having any problems then contact us on the class email, there is also a video (here) which you can watch to jog your memory of the method. 



We are looking at verbs today, these are our doing words. Words that tell us what is happening and whether it is happening in the past (ran), present (running) or future (going to run). Have a go at the activities below, thinking about what the doing words are and how we make sure they are displaying the correct tense. 


This afternoon, we are adding the finishing touches to our wonderful landscapes that we started yesterday so maybe you can do the same. Add some detail to the people or animals in the foreground of your picture. What shades can add depth to your piece?