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Thursday 4th March

Daily Zoom


Don't forget we have got our final hour-long session on Zoom today, between 12 and 1pm! We will have a brief look at our maths work, talking through area, before having our last social quiz, which will be focussing on World Book Day. 


We will use the same password and meeting ID as usual.





Practice on spelling shed is needed, the words this week are tricky but we are also not first in the school groups. Elm Class are ahead of us at the moment and Willow Class are only 2 million behind us. Quick!





House - 

1st Kibbear - 3445

2nd Eastbrook - 1990

3rd Cotlake - 1975

4th Gatchell - 1060


Individual - 

1st - Bella F - 1190

2nd - Sam C

3rd= Abi 

3rd= Alfie

World Book Day


Today is World Book Day - woohoo! If this was a normal WBD, we would probably be dressed up in fancy dress (feel free to do this, by the way) and sharing some of our favourite books or stories. It is usually a bit of a different day, so we are going to try to make it fun and slightly different to usual as well! 


You are going to have some choice today, where you can look at some brilliant work which is designed and led by famous authors. You can pick which author (or authors) you would like to work with today - feel free to do as many as you would like. These are quite long projects, so these will make up all of our English work for today. 


Below are some links which will take you to a new page, where I will share a video link and some resources for you to work through. Please can you have a look at these and bring any work completed in with you on Monday.


P.S. All of the books you can look at today are available to you by trading in your WBD voucher which you will be given next week.


(60 - 90 minutes)

Once you have looked at these, here are a few WBD challenges that I set earlier in the week that you may not have had a chance to look at, so feel free to give some of these a go.


  • If you are looking for something a bit different to have a go at this week, the people organising World Book Day have set a competition. They have asked for children to design the book tokens that will be used next year and they are giving out book tokens as a prize! Click on the link here to find out more information about how to enter.


  • If you would like an extra reading challenge, World Book Day have designed a Reading Scavenger Hunt. You can grab a selection of your favourite books and then click on the document below to see which items you can find in your books.
  • 24-Hour Reading Challenge!

At some point this week, we would like you to write down all of the different books/genres that you read within 24-hours. You can choose which day you would like to do this on, as some days may be easier for you. You might want to do it on Friday as part of our Secret Student Reward Day. We would love to see the list of all the things you manage to read and challenge you to try to read a range of different genres, rather than just your favourites!

To help you with this, I have attached some resources from the World Book Day website. Here you can find a number of brilliant audiobooks which you can listen to free of charge

Below is a link to a virtual library! You can click on any of the books in the library and you will be able to listen to the author of each book read one chapter from the story. This is a brilliant way to get a 'feel' for a book and see if it is something you might want to read more of!



We continue with our look into perimeter and area, thinking today about how they can be linked and how we find the area of shapes that aren't rectangles or squares. 


Today's task is moving on from yesterday and looks closely at using what we already know to help. There is a video for you to recap the things we already know and what we need to ask ourselves when answering these questions. 


Have a go at the task below and see how you get on. 


(45 minutes + ttrockstars)



You should never judge a book by its cover... but we do, don't we? We love illustrations and the colourful art work that surrounds our stories. It makes our books imaginative, colourful places to be and go. So with it being World Book Day (did we mention that?) we thought we would get an illustrators point of view as well. 


Below are illustrators from some of your favourite and well known books, teaching you how to draw and create like them. So take your pick, there are some old favourites like Rob Biddulph and some new bits as well. 


Liz Pichon - famous for Tom Gates and that wonderful world. Have a delve into her website, there are games, drawing tips and creative activities to try. 


Rob Biddulph - Our friend Rob has loads of books, aimed I would say at children younger than us but that doesn't mean we can't appreciate and enjoy his work. Draw some his best characters here


Axel Scheffler - Maybe Axel the creator of the Gruffalo is your man, he has a wonderful website which feature all his creations. The perfect place to go for some mindful colouring activities if that is what you need. 


Quentin Blake - The first really famous illustrator is our next option. Quentin is most famous for his work alongside Roald Dahl whose books are famous the world over, we all know what the BFG or Willy Wonka looks like. He has a unique style and his pictures are recognisable instantly. He doesn't do tutorials but for world book day 3 years ago there were video released on how to draw like him (here), have a look, is that more your style. 


Oliver Jeffers - This illustrator is Oliver Jeffers, he is the creator of When the Crayons Quit, Stuck, Lost and Found and of course Here We Are, which we looked at in September. On his website at the bottom of the page are examples of how he draws, he is a big fan of paints and marker pens but you can of course use whatever you have at hand. 


Chris Riddell - The illustrator of Goth Girl, The Tales of Beedle the Bard and Ottoline and the Yellow Cat shares his love for illustrating and the choices he makes when illustrating a book. Click here to watch a video where he talks about his work. You can also click here to work through a range of activities and challenges that he has come up with for you.


Choose and have a go at the ones you like, whose style do you appreciate most? Have a go at them all - we have some excellent illustrators in class (particularly of Roman Soldiers as we discussed on zoom) but everyone can have a go. 


(45+ minutes) 

If you have worked quickly today and you have zipped through our work and it is all of a good quality, then you can have a look at the In case you finish... section. This is full of ideas that you can do if your grown ups are busy still working or with them when they have finished.