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Homework to be handed in on 12th January

Spellings - Prefix 'Over' meaning too much

Maths Homework

Arithmetic pg 13 and 14

This is a bit of revision of short multiplication - remember multiply each digit and then write neat exchange figures that you remember to add in!


English Homework

Punctuation - pg 14

More on apostrophes for possession - remember whatever the noun is BEFORE the apostrophe that is the noun which owns the object.  eg 'the child's pencil' - one child has a pencil BUT 'the children's pencils' - lots of children have pencils and

'the horse's field' - one horse in one field BUT' the horses' field' - lots of horses in the field.

Grammar pg 11 - Verbs

 This week we focus on modal verbs that we did LOTS on in Year 5.  These are verbs that tell you how likely it is that something might happen - we say that they tell us 'degrees of possibility'.  eg It COULD snow.  It MIGHT snow.  It SHOULD snow.


Reading Homework

Spartan Life

1) Who ruled Sparta?


2) Look at the first paragraph of the text.  What does this paragraph suggest about the rulers of Sparta?  Chose one statement.

a) They wanted Spartans to be more like people in Athens.

b) They were happy for Spartans to leave the city.

c) They were worried that Spartans might want democracy.

d) They wanted Spartans to be able to vote.


3) At what age did men enter the Spartan army?


4) According to the text what TWO roles did women have in Sparta?


5) strict discipline, military training and  ferociousness in battle.  What does the word 'ferociousness' mean in this phrase. Choose one from the list below.

a) bravery   b) brutality   c) focus   d) honour

6) Do you think life was harder for Spartan boys or Spartan men?  Use the text to give reasons for your answer. (3 marks)