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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Home learning Thursday 12th November

In Maths today, we are practising drawing line graphs.  Have a go at the questions below:
In RE, we are beginning a new topic.  Follow the questions on the PowerPoint below.

In English this morning, we have started to write a speech to encourage and fire up our army, before they head to fight in the Battle of Hastings.


On one side of your exercise book, split the page into the following sections.

In the first section, we came up with as many different people we would want to address.  We also used some of the ideas from our kennings last week.  For example, you might include warriors, swordsmen, land-defenders or sons of England.


How many more nouns can you add to this section?


Next, try to remember as many subordinating conjunctions as possible.  Remember, a subordinating conjunction links two clauses together.  For example, but, also and because are all subordinating conjunctions.  When used, the subordinate clause needs the main clause to make sense.


How many can you add?


Finally, we thought about fear.


How many synonyms can you think of that mean the same as fear?  For example:  terror, horror and scared.  Add them to your page.


Where does fear show itself?  For example eyes, shoulders, heart-beat etc.

Add them to your page.


How does fear stop courage or enter the body?  For example: slithers, slides, crushes etc.

Add your ideas.


Now you are ready to write.


Use my model and your own ideas to create the opening of a speech that directly addresses the people.


If you need more help, here is a picture of our class ideas: