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Thursday 21st January



Today we will be having another activities session, so there will not be a worksheet. 


Please watch the video clip below, we are looking at redistributing from unequal to equal groups. You can make notes in your exercise book smiley


Redistribute from unequal to equal groups activity

Redistribute from unequal to equal groups activity" by White Rose Maths.


Please practise this week's spellings by logging on to Spelling Shed. If you have any issues logging in please email me.  


In this lesson, we will continue to write the Magic Paintbrush story, focusing on the mood created.



This will be taught during our zoom lesson. If you can't make it, please use the information below to do the lesson in your own time.


LQ: What do we do when we need to change nouns ending in f into plurals? 


Phonics Play: Read and write a sentence from Phase 5D. 

Recap on yesterday’s words: What do to nouns ending in y to make them plural?  

baby     valley



When the noun ends in f or fe , we take off the f and add ves. 


leaf, half, wife, knife, hoof, 



Make the above words into plural nouns. 


Solve the anagrams:

knvsei  ehoos   veswi   


Apply: Read the sentence: The dwarves cut their apples into halves.

Write the sentence and add another clause: The dwarves cut their apples into halves


Below, you will find our topic work for the week. 


For those children than are still coming into school, please can I ask that you use the days of the week to guide your learning, as you will also be doing these tasks in school on the days that you are in.   


For those learning at home full-time, you can choose which day you would like to do each activity smiley