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Monday 1st March


Welcome to your final week of online maths learning!  Today's maths continues our learning about shape.  You will learn some new words today and will use them in your independent tasks.

1) Congruent - this means shapes or lines that are identical.

2) Intersect - lines that cross one another

3) Bisect - lines that cross at the half way point (remember bi = 2)

4) Adjacent - next to each other (we will think about adjacent vertices - corners that are next to each other)

5) Non-adjacent - not next to each other


The one that will feel the strangest is when you learn the mathematical meaning of the world 'diagonal'.  We usually use this to mean a line that slopes, often half way between vertical and horizontal. 

In maths, and in the lesson today, you will learn that a diagonal line is one that joins two non-adjacent vertices (corners).  This might mean that the line slopes BUT it could mean that line is vertical or even horizontal.   It is important to remember this as you watch the lesson today.

English -

Choose something from the Book Week menu or one of the other tasks on that page.  If you're watching a video set up by an author, then this also counts as part of your English.

Topic - Science

Your science tasks that are set here are for today and tomorrow.