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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Today, I would like you to make a start on your story.  Try to write the opening.  You could use the story to help, like I have below.  Or if you are feeling more adventurous, you could use more of your own ideas.


Think carefully about each sentence you use and remember to include full stops and capital letters. 


Remember we have been practising using different sentence types and speech in class, so try to use these in your writing.


You could start with a fronted adverbial (when, where, how).



This is the opening to my story.  I have followed the original closely:


Alex was in his bedroom.  All around, he could hear the busy buzz of his family going about their business.  In the living room, his mother was busy playing the piano.  His sister was in the garden, training the new puppy.  The clanging and banging coming from the kitchen, told him his father was busy baking some delicious bread.  All of a sudden, Alex heard noises. They were charging noises.  They were stomping noises.  They were tramping, trampling, stamping noises.  Alex knew what made noises like that on the roofs of small, modern terraces, so he went to tell his father.


“There are rhinos on the roof,” Alex said to his father. “I can hear them.”

“No, it must be cats,” replied his father.


But later that day, when he was playing Nintendo, he hears crashing, bashing and smashing noises.  He could hear the rhinos on the roof, playing their rhino games and plotting their rhino moves.


You could also try some of these sentence types:


Many Questions

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?


Who was at the door? Was it a monster? What could it want?



(But, Or, Yet, So)

It was a cold day but she still went out to play.

Was it elephants or rhinos?

It was raining yet she still went out.

It was night so she went to bed.


Double ly ending


The wizard cast his spell happily and loudly.

The frog jumped into the water quickly and quietly.




The fur was red, shiny, long and thick.

The nest had twigs, fluff, moss and string.



(4 adjectives)

(adj, adj noun, with adj, adj noun)


It was a huge, woolly rhino with grey, straggly hair.

The ship was grey, shiny metal with thick, red paint.


Adverb of manner, verb


Slowly sneaking up the path, Alex tried to come up with a plan.


Emotion word


Terrified, we dragged ourselves to the garden shed.