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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week Beginning 2nd November





We will be testing the spellings from before half-term. I have included them below if you need a new copy.  

We will then be looking at the new spellings for next week. We will all be looking at the new rule, but when you practise the spellings for the week, please check you have the right list (group 1 or 2).


In Maths today, we will be looking at problem solving using comparisons.  If you need to remind yourself about reading graphs there is a video presentation of yesterday's slides. To access this, follow the link below.

When confident, have a go at the reasoning and problem solving questions below.  

If you are feeling confident at reading and interpreting the graphs, have a go at turning the first question into a bar graph.  Remember to include labels, a title, to think carefully about the scale you would use and to use a ruler!

When you have finished, think about what was easy about this task, and what proved a little trickier.



In English today, we are presenting our Kennings for display.  In your neatest handwriting, copy out your poem from yesterday.  When finished, please can you draw a detailed picture of the monster your kenning was based on.  I would love to see a picture of this to share with the class.




We are thinking ahead to Remembrance today.  Have a look at the PowerPoint from the British Legion about creating a remembrance space and why we mark this important day each year.  Use the template below to create a plan for a remembrance garden.  You might want to have a go at some of the other suggested activities as well.





In Maths today, we are looking at comparing data in charts and graphs.


Below is the PowerPoint we will be using in class today and a worksheet to have a go at.


In English today, we will be learning about Kennings and having a go at creating our own.  Kennings were widely used in Anglo-Saxon poetry and are a type of metaphor.

Use the PowerPoint below to help you write a kenning about the monsters we have been creating this week.




In topic we will be looking at Anglo-Saxon Jewellery and designing our own brooches, to make next week.  Use the internet to research some Anglo-Saxon treasures and use these as inspiration for your own design.