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Tuesday 21st April


At 9am each morning this week, Joe Wicks will be streaming a PE session to keep us all active and moving. It will be a great way to start your day and I am sure your family would love to join in too! If you were having a lie-in, then you will be able to find the session on Joe Wicks' youtube channel and join in at any point!

You can find them here:


Today we are carrying on from there and want you to read pages 195-204 and have a think about the questions below:

1. On p197, Justin describes Jack as “too small to be walking around by himself”. What does this suggest about Justin’s feelings towards Jack? (1 mark)

2. Find and copy the phrase on p199 that means ‘simultaneously’. (1 mark)

3. What does Justin think about August? Use evidence to support your answer. (3 marks)



Spend 10 minutes today on Spelling Shed getting familiar with your spellings. 


We are going to think about the words we are choosing for our poems. How can we makes them as expressive as possible. To help we are going to have a lesson on adjectives - synonyms and antonyms to help up level the words we choose. Have a look at the BBC bitesize website and the english lesson set out for the 23rd April. Can be found here:

Can you listen to the lesson and have a go at the activities. Then picking a colour from yesterday, describe all the things you might see in the environment around you, but make the most of the synonyms to describe them in a better way. 


Information we already know about shapes and angles. 

A triangle is a shape with 3 sides and 3 angles and quadrilateral is any shape with 4 sides and 4 angles (these include a square, rectangle, rhombus, etc,).

There are 6 angles, acute (between 0 and 89 degrees), a right angle (exactly 90 degrees), an obtuse angle between 91 and 179 degrees), a straight line (exactly 180 degrees), a reflex angle (between 181 and 359 degrees) and a full turn/full circle (exactly 360 degrees).


New piece of information for the day: 

The angles on the inside of a triangle ALWAYS add up to 180 degrees. If you know 1 angle you can work out the third. 


Your task today, as they are so similar to the way we would teach you, is to watch the lesson on White Rose Maths website titled Angles in a Triangle - lesson 2 week beginning 20th April. There is an activity attached which we have put below. Have a go at this, hopefully it is self explanatory but Mr Bond has attached a video on how he would work out the trickier ones. 



Science this afternoon as always on a Tuesday. Light is our new topic. One that has plenty of experiments attached to it. 

First up we are looking at how light travels. For this you will need to collect up as many mirrors as you can from around the house, we would be using the ones we use for out maths SATs papers if you have any that size. 

Can you think of any equipment people use for seeing around corners or outside of vehicles? 



Hopefully you thought of a periscope, this is used to see outside of submarines, but it uses the fact that light travels in straight lines. If it travelled in curves it wouldn't work, it reflects off different mirrors from the object to the sailors eye. 


Your challenge it to see if you can make your own periscope? Can you look around corners? Or over tables? Can you look around object using 3 mirrors you might even need 5? 


Take a picture of your best attempts and send them in though email or twitter.