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Wednesday 2nd February


Today we are editing and improving our independent writing from the last couple of days.

We will break the lesson down into three chunks, so you can do the same thing at home.

The first part of the lesson (E1) will be looking at improving our spelling and punctuation. Can you find 5 spellings which were ambitious or tricky and correct them using a dictionary? Then can you see if there is any missed punctuation - this could be missed full stops or capital letters, or possibly bits of speech which were punctuated correctly.

It is fine if you need a grown up to help you with this as we will be working with our learning partners in class.

In the next part of the lesson (E2), we would like you to see if you could find a sentence which doesn't quite work - maybe it isn't very clear, or doesn't make sense, or maybe you just think you could improve it. 

Finally, in our last section (E3) we would like you to find one paragraph or group of sentences which you think could be rewritten. Maybe placing sentences in a different order may improve the effectiveness of your writing, or you might think adding in a different sentence would make it more powerful.

When you are finished, read through your piece of writing from start to finish and check you are happy with it. 


Today, we are going to continue with equivalent fractions today. Click here to watch a video lesson and then have a go at the questions attached below. smiley