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Thursday 4th March

Year 1

LQ: How do I solve subtraction problems?

Today we are going to be solving length subtraction problems.


As a challenge today, you could measure two objects at home using a ruler and then subtract the shorter length from the longer length.

E.g. Pencil = 7cm and Toy = 5cm  ... 7cm - 5cm = 2cm


Maths Teaching Video



Y2 Maths 

Today we are drawing our own pictograms using data. 

We can draw pictures and symbols to represent different amounts of objects. 

Make sure you count the objects in the worksheet correctly. Remember you can write and draw on the pictures when counting if it helps. 



Year 1


Play Tricky Word Trucks and Buried Treasure .


Practise spelling:  work, mouse, many



LQ: Which (y)oo? 

Blend for reading:  June



Segment for spelling: cute




Practise/ Apply: 


Read and write the sentences Phase 5C sentences on Phonics Play.


Year 2


Sort this week's words into groups. 

torn, fourteen, draw, Taunton, wall, wore, poor, fourth, boar, ball, your, always, walk, four, floor, saw, hall, stalk, taunt,  small, pour, always, court, door



Spelling /or/ as augh or in (w)a

caught, warm


taught, naughty, daughter, war, warm, towards, warn, upwards, water


Practise/ Apply

Put the words into sentences. How many can they get into one sentence?