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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Friday 27th March


Read pages 54 to 67 of Wonder and answer the question below. 

Read Padawan. Do you think going to mainstream school has changed August? How? (3 marks)


Can you start one of the sentences in your answer with one of the sentence types below:

This shows that…

This leads the reader to believe…

This suggests that…

This implies that…

This could represent…



We are finishing our non-chronological reports. Can you write the fourth information paragraph, if you have one, and the conclusion of your report today (make sure you go back and edit your work carefully). Think about including your scientific language and trying to sound like an expert! Which AP features do you think would work well in these sections? Once you've written it, read your work allowed to someone at home - do you sound convincing? What could you change to make it sound even more formal?



To finish our work on ratio this week we are going to have a look at some real life problems. Attached below is a sheet with some recipes on, however they aren't for the right amount of people. Can you fix the problems? Your grown ups will be experts at this as they will do it all the time when making dinner for you. If you feel inspiration take you and you have all the ingredients, why not make some of the recipes over the weekend? 



At 9am each morning this week, Joe Wicks will be streaming a PE session to keep us all active and moving. It will be a great way to start your day and I am sure your family would love to join in too! If you were having a lie-in, then you will be able to find the session on Joe Wicks' youtube channel and join in at any point!

You can find them here:



Today would be test day for your spellings this week, can you get a grown up to practice with you to see if you have successfully learnt them. 

Your new spelling list is attached on the Working From Home page. 


Big well done to Norman, Jordana and Sarah for being the top 3 in our spelling shed table this week.