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Wednesday 16th March


We are continuing with our Icarus writing unit. Today is a sentence stacking day so you will need to split your paper into a 'thinking side' and a 'writing side'. We are going to be writing sentences to describe the moment when Icarus and Daedalus take off, wearing their handmade wings! 



Learning chunk 1 - Relative clause 

What emotions would Icarus have in this moment?

Gather positive emotions - e.g. excited, happy, delighted, delirious with excitement, buzzing with anticipation.


Learning chunk 2 - Repetition

Set for the reader that they fly very high in the sky. We are going to use repetition to emphasise this. 

Collect words to describe their progress - e.g. up, higher, soaring, above the, into the.


Learning chunk 3 - Complex sentence - dashes


  • Positive verbs that Icarus is doing - e.g. laughing, swooping, soaring, whooping, shouting, playing. 
  • Abstract nouns (things that you cannot touch, taste etc.) sometimes they are also adjectives - e.g. (feelings words) carefree, joyful, happy, elated, jubilant. 




Learning chunk 1 - Teacher model: Icarus, who was buzzing with excitement, ran swiftly down the beach. Daedalus followed. 


Learning chunk 2 - Teacher model: Up, up, up they went. Higher. Higher. Higher. 


Learning chunk 3 - Teacher model: Icarus - laughing and carefree - flew away from his father. 


Today, we are learning how to multiply a unit fraction by an integer (whole number). Click here to watch a video lesson and then have a go at the questions attached below. smiley