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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Wednesday 1st April


Read page 93 to 104 and answer the questions below. 

1. Did Via have a good first day of high school? Why/why not? (2 marks)

2. Who is Miranda and why did she call? (2 marks)

3.  …the doctors were able to identify one of the “single nucleotide deletion mutations” that made war on his face (p104). Explain two things that the phrase made war tells you about the effect of this disease. (2 marks)



Terrifyingly, we have moved down to third in the school on spelling shed behind Willow and Maple Class. So your task is to spend 10/15 minutes practicing your spellings on spelling shed. 



Carrying on from our work on clauses yesterday, below are two documents - one contains questions on the different clauses we've looked at and the other is the mark scheme. Make sure you have a real think about the questions, and attempt an answer before looking at the mark scheme. 

Top tip - subordinate and relative clauses can be taken out and the sentence still makes sense. Relative clauses are our who, which, where, that sentences that link to the subject of the sentence. 


Today we are moving away from our arithmetic recap and focusing back on ratio. Below is a link to the white rose maths website, can you use it to listen to the video/lesson (lesson 1) on scale factors and do the attached activity in your pink workbooks.

We will have more of a practice of this tomorrow. 



Keeping our art focused on our topic of animals, and following on from the work we did with Mrs Judge, we are going to have a look at using light and shadow to help us with our art. Using a plain piece of paper, a toy animal and what ever materials you have access to (whether that is coloured pencils, pens, paints).



If you haven't got the sun to help you, a light in your house will help you create a perfect silhouette of your chosen animal (or animals if you are feeling adventurous). Then you can concentrate on the colour and pattern on your animal, maybe adding in the habitat/background to your creation.