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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday 18th May


Today we will be using BBC Bitesize to help us with our Maths, focussing on our knowledge of place value. There is a video to help explain how multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 or 1000 can change your number. If you want some more examples, watch the video at White Rose Maths. All of the questions for today are on the BBC Bitesize page.



This week, we will be using the idea of The City of Silence, by James Walker. To get your imaginations going, choose one of the places below and write a description of it. What would you see? What would you smell or hear? How would you feel when you were there? You can draw a picture to go alongside your description if you would like.

Choose from...

★ the mountain of imagination;

★ the castle of doom;

★ the city of wonder;

★ the maze of wishes;

★ or the cellar of despair?


We are going to start to create the setting for our creative writing. To get your brains going, can you write a long list of places; we want as many different type of places as possible – the more the better. For example: wood, city, shed, street, station, maze, cellar…

★ Top Tip: generic places are what we are looking for here, not the actual names of particular places: we want city not London, planet not Jupiter.


It might look something like this...


Next, we are going to make a list of abstract nouns. For those of you who need a quick reminder, an abstract noun is something that exists but you cannot see/touch e.g. love, dream, fear, hope.

For our game, we want lots and lots of abstract nouns. Here are some top tips for your list:

Happy feelingshope, love, joy, friendship, happiness,

Sad feelingsregret, pain, doom, sadness, dread

Fantasycurse, premonition, vision, dream, nightmare,

Attitude words ending in -tion/-sion: determination, ambition, trepidation, passion, confusion


Now comes the fun part! Choose one word from each list to join together to make an interesting combination. For example, 


See which pairs conjure up a feeling or an emotion. You might decide that it sounds more powerful with some alliteration, such as The cave of curiosity, The office of honesty or The temple of terror. Make as many pairs as you can - it doesn't matter if you use a word more than once.

Try to come up with between 20 and 30, as this will help us tomorrow when we choose our favourite idea!



You have a new set of spellings for this week - they are all words to do with determination. Your first task is to familiarise yourself with them on Spelling Shed, before then using a dictionary to ensure you know what they each mean. Can you write sentences that correctly include each of your spellings?



Last week (Wednesday 13th May), you began to design and create an artefact from Benin - an ornamental mask. Today, can you finish your designs and begin/continue to make your mask. Think about the way it looks, as well as how well it fits. What colours were often used in Benin? It would be great to see some photos of you in your finished masks! 



Each day this week you will have a reading task using extracts from some popular books - some of them you may have even read! 

Click on the link below to find your first challenge.