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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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In March 2020 the world changed. Coronavirus arrived and we were all told to stay safe and stay at home. They called it lockdown.


Suddenly, many of us were doing our schoolwork at home without our teacher. A lot of the things we used to enjoy doing like playing with our friends, visiting our family, going shopping or eating at a favourite café all stopped.


There are usually lots of children playing in the parks. Now there are signs on all the equipment and the gates have been locked. The parks have been closed.


The list poem below tries to share some of the thoughts and feelings about the lockdown and the changes. It is called Lockdown Park.


The world is slowly getting back to normal and we will all go to play in the park again.


Read the poem below and have a go at the different challenges.  The final challenge is to complete a piece of writing for the 'Generation Lockdown' competition.  Details below in Thursday and Friday's writing task.



Take 20 - 30 minutes today to enjoy reading a good book or magazine!  I've just finished reading The Jamie Drake Equation with my own children - a great book about space, aliens, maths and family.  Maybe you could recommend a great read that you are enjoying.