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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Mr Bond's Reading Groups

Please answer these questions in your reading journals. These will be used to create discussion on your reading day.


There will be new reading homework after half term. 


Group 1 and 2 

Due week beginning 23/3/20

Read the extract from Hostages to Handheld Devices lines 1-5 present a positive or negative view of handheld devices? (2 marks)


2. Find and copy an example of alliteration from lines 6-10. Why do you think the authors of the report chose this phrase?  (2 marks)


3. The majority of children questioned for the study:

a) class video games as exercise          b) enjoy PE lessons                                                             c) want to play more sport      (1 mark)


4. Summarise lines 31-34 in your own words. (2 marks)


5. "the march of technology" in line 36 is an example of:    

a) personification          b) a metaphor         c) onomatopoeia     d) a simile   (1 mark)


6. In lines 41-45, which verb does the writer use that means "to include"?  (1 mark)


7. Do you think Ali Oliver feels optimistic or pessimistic about the future of future in primary schools? (2 marks)


Group 3 and 4 

Due 18th and 19th March

Read extract from Through my Eyes


1. Read line 2. Why do you think the reporters and film cameras were present? (2 marks)


2. What does the word "boycott" mean? (1 mark)


3. How did people make life difficult for Ruby's family? Why do you think they did this? (3 marks)


4. Why do you think people sent money to Ruby and her family? (2 marks)


5. Ruby states that she visited the white children "once or twice". What does this tell you about the reality of her 'integrated' school? (2 marks)