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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Homework to be handed in on 28th January

Spellings - List 15 Rules: Words which can be nouns and verbs.

Maths:  Number Ratio and Algebra Pages 22 and 23:Multiplying and Dividing:

This is a selection of word problems that you will need to decide the operation you need.  Remember to read the question carefully, and check what it is you are being asked to find out.  It might help to underline key parts, or to draw the problem as a bar model.  If you get stuck, please come and see one of us before it is due in so that we can help.

Grammar: Page 38 Subject and object.

In class we have been looking at the passive and active voice.  To understand this we need to be able to identify the object and subject of a sentence.  The subject is a person or thing doing or being something and the object has something done to it.  This page will help you practice identifying the object and subject of a sentence.

Reading: Set A test 6

1. How long is the British coastline?


2. Some of the most intriguing formations

    What does the word intriguing mean in this phrase?


3. Put these events in order to show how a stack is formed:

     A cave is formed in the coastline.

     Waves increase the size of the arch.

     The top of the arch collapses.

     Weak rock is broken down by the waves.

     The cave wears through to form an arch.


4. What does the word rich mean in the text? Choose one option.

     valuable       shallow       abundant       independent


5. Who are Risin og Kellingin named after?


6.  In which country would you find The Twelve-Apostles?


7. Why do you think people make up stories about where stacks and arches have come from?  Use the text to support your answer.