TrullChurch of England VA Primary School

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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These entries were submitted on our original website.



Jenny Engels (was Trull Primary School )

Years at school: 2006 to 2011

I am in Castle School and enjoying every moment!

General Memories: I most remember... Our leaving service I cried sooo much and we all sung Mr Blue sky! And someone like you too different lyrics! aaah memories!

Memories of Teachers: I can't pin-point one teacher they were all great :D

Memories of School Trips and Events: I loved the trip too... KILVE, KILVE, KILVE!!!!! :) Oh and the trip too the dump! Very s****y but interesting! Also loved the trip too Coldharbour mill!

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I loved drama! I enjoyed netball, swimming, and everything else!!



Hayden Sampson 

Years at school: 2002 to 2008

I'm living the high life.

General Memories: Pretty chill.

Memories of Teachers: Always up for a laugh.

Memories of School Trips and Events: Crealy going on the rollercoaster like 20 times.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Tennis with Mr Barrington



Ben Coomber

Years at school: 2000 to 2008

I have loads of friends, and school is great!

General Memories: Being The Coolest KIDZ in towns.

Memories of Teachers: Reaalyy good

Memories of School Trips and Events: FUN FUN FUN

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Im really sporty so it was great.



Ross Barratt (was Barratt)

Years at school: 2002 to 2008

I go to castle and I have made friends, but I like to draw.

General Memories: Winnin' the skipping race.

Memories of Teachers: Well GOOODDD

Memories of School Trips and Events: Went to crealy!

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Tennis was epic!



jo berry

Year Left School: 2000

i have a 5 year old son who goes to trull school. at the moment i spend my time looking after him

General Memories: my earliest memory is of mrs jones screaming at me and tessa holt for climbing the hall window and the relief when mrs khodabandehloo took over! trull school was a great school to go to

Memories of Teachers: I'm not mentioning names because there were some teachers that scared me half to death!

Memories of School Trips and Events: our leavers service was great I remember doing s club 7 with a group that was so much fun

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I remember doing choir with miss roberts and I did country dancing for a bit. sports days terrified me, I couldn't think of anything more embarrassing than falling over in front of all the parents



David Williams

Years at school: 1969 to 1974

Went on to Castle School and then SCAT where I studied Art A'Level and a Diploma in general art and design. Then went to Gloscester College to do my HND in Information design. Worked freelance as a graphic designer for a time, then moved to Bristol and worked for Walon vehicle importers, BT, TV Licencing, Computershare and currently work as an Undertaker and a Pyro-technician (I do professional firework displays!)

General Memories: First day at school, we were allocated a peg to hang our coat and hat and PE bag - Mine had a picture of a sailing boat! The school was much smaller then - but we still had the swimming pool. The Headmasters office was upstairs in the building just outside the playground. Downstairs was Class 4.

Memories of Teachers: Miss Libby - class 1, Miss Bond - Class 2, Mrs Parsloe - Class 3, Mr. Holt / Mr. Reekie - class 4, Mr Jenkins - class 5. Mr. Gifford - Headmaster, Rev. Evans - Vicar.

Memories of School Trips and Events: We had an annual school trip - I remember going to Exmouth, Lyme Regis and Dawlish warren. We had an annual firework display, Summer fete, Church summer club (TTC GGN - Tell the children God's good news), Sports day and lots of charity fundraising events.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: I learnt to play the recorder with Miss Libby. I wasn't a great sportsman (still not!) but I enjoyed our sports days - egg and spoon race, sack race, obstacle course etc. I didn't like cricket! I earned my beginners and grade 1 swimming certificate in the Trull school pool.



Derek Hart

Years at school: 1943 to 1952

Bridgwater Art & Tech (Engineering)
Westland Aircraft (1954-60)
Beagle Aircraft (1960-66)
Boeing Helicopter (1966-98)
Helicopter Consultant - to present

General Memories: London evacuees,Church choir,bell ringing,scout troop.

Memories of Teachers: Head master. DIckie Groves, Mr England.

Memories of School Trips and Events: Queen Elizabeth,coronation bonfire.

Memories of School Clubs and Sports: Scout camping trips. Aussie scoutmaster