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Tuesday 24th March


Today, read to page 15-26 and answer the question below. 

1. Why does Palacio (the author) often mention details about the characters’ shoes? Is it important? Why/why not? (p15 - 2 marks)

2. How do you know August’s mood changes when he hears children’s voices? Use quotes to support your answer. (p20 - 2 marks)

3. Why did August grow his ‘bangs’ (fringe) long? Give two reasons. (p21 - 2 marks)

4. Why has August never gone to school? Do you think he should? (2 marks)



We are going to carry on with our non-chronological reports. Think about the different sections you have researched about (appearance, habitat, diet, fun facts, etc.). Using the planning document below as a guide plan in your different information, what might you want to include and what scientific language are you going to use. Below is our example giant report from last week with our different AP features in colour can you plan to use some of these in your work. 


Have a go at the next section on ratio on the mymaths website, we will have a different activity tomorrow to practice what we have learnt so far. Log on and use the lesson if you are finding it tricky. Mr Bond has attached some notes to help you below. 




At 9am each morning this week, Joe Wicks will be streaming a PE session to keep us all active and moving. It will be a great way to start your day and I am sure your family would love to join in too! If you were having a lie-in, then you will be able to find the session on Joe Wicks' youtube channel and join in at any point!

You can find them here:



Now we know what are spellings are, have a go for 10 minutes on spelling shed practicing them.