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Friday 22nd May

Hello everyone! I hope you are all getting on ok with the tasks set this week. With it being Half Term next week, for some of you these will be the last pieces of work set before you are back in class on 1st June! 

Mr Bond and Mr Bottomley are very excited about seeing you and we will be in touch soon to tell you a bit more about what you will need to know for coming back to school.

Have a lovely break next week though: if you want to carry on with some work there is plenty on the BBC Bitesize website to be carrying on with.




Today is our Maths Challenge day. Go to Bitesize to have a go at the problems set. The first ones should be fine to attempt individually, but you might want to ask someone in your family for some help as they get more difficult towards the end. Good luck!



Today is your spelling test. Ask somebody in your family to test you on your ten spellings. Then, have a look on Spelling Shed to see your spellings for the next two weeks. For those of you coming in to school, these will be tested either on Tuesday 2nd June or Friday 5th June, depending on which group you are in. 



We are going to finish our work with The city of silence today. Using all of your ideas from this week, I am handing it over to you now to be completely creative. Choose one or more of the settings you have come up with and produce a piece of writing around it. It could be a poem, a description or even a story, but the setting you have come up with will be at the heart of whatever you produce. 

Here is just one idea of the sort of thing you could produce, but please feel free to travel down any route you like. I hope we have 37 very different pieces of writing at the end of today!




I want you to challenge yourselves with PE today. I am going to provide you with 20 possible challenges - you can choose to complete a few of them, some of them or all of them! All of the activities have been designed to not need many resources, so you should have everything you need at home. If your grown-up uses twitter, feel free to tweet a photo or video of you completing the challenge to the Trull School account and use the hashtag on the challenge cards. Let us know how many challenges you completed and whether you achieved bronze, silver or even gold! 

The challenges have been provided by the Youth Sport Trust, so you can find them on their website here.



Today is our final reading challenge. You will find the last book cover and extract on the link below. Can you have a read and answer the questions. Then, have a think about the 5 books we have discovered this week and decide which one you would most like to read more fully. Why? What appeals to you about it?