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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week Beginning 6th December

We have a few of you off awaiting tests this week so we have staggered work across the week, we will be dipping into all of this in class so if are in one day and not the next, pick up from where we got to in class. 



This week we are starting our section on multiplication and division so will be recapping some old things and developing some new skills. Obviously the most important part is knowing our times tables so across the week there are 6 pieces of homework being released on mymaths - looking at times tables, sharing and dividing. Have a go at these and remember there is a lesson attached to all of them if you are finding it tricky. There is always ttrockstars if you want to keep practicing those times tables. 


This week we are writing our story based on the one we have been reading, 'Star in a Jar'. This story, which we have made better already in our books, will help us build our own story. Firstly we are going to be planning our story using the grid below. It needs to have an opening, build up, problem, resolution and ending. Just like Tom we will find something that has been lost and try and return it home. Maybe we could find the bell off an elf's hat in amongst the wrapping paper, maybe we we find Rudolph's shiny red nose in the bushes in our garden. What ever your character finds they will try as hard as they can to put it back where it came from. 

Use the planning grid to help you on Tuesday and we will be writing a section of our story every day after that. 

If you cant remember Tom's adventure here is a link to it being told for you to listen to. 


We are looking at light and shadow and will be conducting an experiment in class. How can we change the size of the shadows we make. Below is a sheet of shadow puppets we can have find with while trying to decide how we can make the bird or dog shadow we have created bigger or smaller on the surface it is being reflected on.