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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week Beginning 14th December

Tuesday 15th December


Good morning, 


Maths today we are looking at coordinates, we have touched on this earlier in the term so hopefully you will find this one easy. 


We are looking at using the first quadrant today, plotting and using coordinates. You can watch a video by clicking here to help you. 


Then have a go at the sheet below, either in your books or use the sheet. 


Today we are having our Christmas service and we will be sharing the song ewe recorded last week. This will be shared with you and the rest of the school through email link. 




This afternoon we are going to be thinking about stereotypes again and specifically those around gender. Stereotypes are prejudices or judgements people make about others based on their appearance or location. We thought a lot about which countries have stereotypes attached to them last week. 


Firstly start with two bubbles in the middle of your page, one that says boy and one girl. Attached to these, write down all the things you would associate with a boy and a girl at your age. How many things are the same? How many are just boy things and how many are just girl things? 


Now the trickier bit, on your list of just boy things how many of them can girls do? On your list of girl things have you seen a boy doing them? 


We know stereotypes are silly from the stereotypes of countries we thought about last week, do you think they are fair. 


Last task, have a look at the news or newspapers you have at home, are the images in there showing stereotypes or going against them. Is it only men that are in the pictures about football, or are the girls the only ones dancing? 

Wednesday 16th



Today we are going to have a go at some Christmas coordinates, using all four quadrants and working across the 0 to plot bigger shapes. 


There is a video here to help remind you of how it is slightly different having minus coordinates involved. 


Below are some instructions to follow to make some tricky Christmas characters, you might need to draw your own axis so that you've got a big enough space, follow the instructions and see what you come up with. 



Over the next two days our, last English task before Christmas is to finish our instructions on how to make mince pies. I have emailed over your plans from you English books and hope they will be useful to you. 


We need 7 sections:

  • title
  • introduction
  • you will need and equipment (punctuated correctly)
  • method
  • summary 
  • top tip
  • picture


Fill free to type these, we are going to in class after we draft them into our books, then we can add a photo of what we made. If you are able to, why not use your recipe to make some delicious seasonal treats. 


If you do type up your finished instructions, we would love to see them and can stick a copy into your English book so send them in to the class email.