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Friday 19th June


Please visit the White Rose Maths website and look at 'Summer Term - week 8' for this week's work. Today, we are looking at the Friday Challenge - good luck! 

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Activity 5: Quotation practice 

Let's have a look at how to include a quotation from an expert, witness or previous owner. How do you think that this helps to persuade? 

Here is an example from our WAGOLL: 

Listen to what James Bondwho is known by his code number 007 – has to say about this must-have phone: I thought I had every gadget I required until Q invented the Multi-function Mobile Phone. Now I wouldn’t possibly attempt a mission without it.” 


1) Choose the person you want to quote: it shouldn’t be someone random! They need to have something useful to say about what you are writing about or be very well known to back you up. E.g.  a scientist, a doctor, a previous owner, an inventor, a witness, an expert on topic 
2) Tell the reader more about them: As you can see in the example, you can use punctuation to drop in extra information about the person. This could be where they are from, where they work or their experience on the subject. Brackets, dashes or commas can be used to do this. 
3) Get your speech punctuation right: As you can see in the example, we need to have the inverted commas before the person starts taking and ending when they stop talking after the full stop! 
4) Introduce your speech with a colon: If you have introduced your speech with a full sentence that makes sense on its own, you should use a colon. 

Have a go at writing at least 3 quotations following or imitating the pattern of the model below. Here is another one to show you how: 
Dr Marc Newton, the gadget supremo from Oxford University, has been testing spy gadgets for decades: “ Of all the gadgets I have tested, the Spy Car 3,000 is the greatest invention. It is a mind-blowing contraption.”  
★ Now it’s your turn to write your quotations. 


Have you ever wondered how some of the Disney characters are drawn? Well today, you are going to find out... and even draw your own! 


You might fancy having a go at Olaf from Frozen, Minnie Mouse, Genie from Aladin, Simba from the Lion King or Tinkerbell from Peter Pan. Send in your efforts - we would love to see!