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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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HW due in on 11/03/22

Spellings: List 20 - Words with origins in other countries


Number, Ratio and Algebra - p. 18 (Square and Cube Numbers)

Arithmetic - p. 33 (Short and Long Division with Decimals)



Punctuation - p. 38 and 39 (Semi-colons)




1. Read each statement and decide if it is a fact or an opinion (O) or a fact (F).


a) An illegal drawing in a public place is called graffiti.

b) Graffiti is messy and unwanted.

c) The artist's signature is called a tag.

d) Graffiti encourages criminal behaviour.


2. Give two reasons why the town council cannot remove graffiti.


3. Give one reason why some people see graffiti as vandalism.


4. Why might the skate park be a good location for the graffiti wall?  Mention two things.


5. ... would prevent people from defacing local buildings.

What does the word defacing mean in this phrase?

a) improving     b) decaying    c) spoiling     d) destabilising


6.  Using your own words, summarise what the author thinks about having a graffiti wall in the town.