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Homework set 24/11/21

Have you lost a pair of wellies?  They were left after our first Outdoor Education lesson.  They are green Dunlop wellies.  Size 2 (35 on the bottom of the boot!).  Please have a check to see if they are yours!  Thank you.


Maths Homework:

Number, Ratio and Algebra pg 14 and 15 - Multiples and Primes


Multiples are in that numbers times tables eg multiples of 6 = 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 360, 720 etc.

They continue for ever and are NEVER less than the number itself.

Factors - these are numbers that you x together to make a given number.

There are only a certain number of factors for any number.  They are always integers (whole numbers).  They are NEVER greater than the number.  Best idea is to work in pairs to find all the factors.  Factors are numbers, not calculations.

Factors of 12: 1, 12, 2, 6, 3, 4

Prime Numbers- these numbers only ever have 2 factors - themselves and 1.  They are all odd, except 2 (although not all odd numbers are prime numbers!)

eg Prime number - 17 - factors = 1, 17


English Homework:

Grammar: pg 13 Adjectives

Punctuation: pg 10 & 11 Mixed practise of the types of sentences that we have been thinking about so far in our homework.

Reading Homework

1) Look at the paragraph beginning The end of May.  Which word in this paragraph tells you that the writer thinks the Cheese-Rolling event is dangerous? (1 mark)


2) What sort of accommodation is provided at Cooper's Hill? (1 mark)


3) Why do you think the cottages have hot showers and fluffy towels? (1mark)


4) How might someone feel if they were about to take part in Tomatina?  Give reasons from the text to support your answer. (2 marks)


5) The writer says that these festivals are unusualFind and copy two other words from the text which suggest that the festivals are unusual. (1 mark for 2 answers!)