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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Week Beginning 7th December

Thursday 10th December



Today in maths we are finishing our look at fractions. We have one last day practising finding the whole. 


Click here to find the link to a video that will help you if you are finding it tricky, but if you are feeling confident then you can move straight onto the sheet below and work your way through it. 



Yesterday we had fun making mince pies in school and they tasted delicious. Today we are going to plan our instruction texts that everyone else can use to make them. 


Below is a plan you can print and do your plan on or just use your exercise book to write it in, remember to include all the different sections we have. 


We talked about the importance of bossy verbs, instructional starters, adverbial commas, a hook in the introduction and the correct punctuation for our bullet points. 



Today in RE we are thinking about others and how we can use Christmas as a time to think about how lucky we are and how we can help the less fortunate than us. 


We are going to do a very simple thing to let others know we are thinking of them at this time, particularly this year when people wont be able to visit as easily. We are making and sending Christmas cards to older people in the community to wish them a merry Christmas and send our thoughts to them. 


Now as year 6 we are making them a bit fancier and are going to try and make pop up cards, there are a couple of tutorials on the website here


Though our cards will look fabulous the most important thing is the message that will go to them. If you manage this at home, bring it in later in the week 🤞 and we will send it off with all the others. Maybe if you have time you could make one for members of your family too.