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Homework to be handed in on 18th February

Spellings: Prefix dis, un, over, im



Arithmetic - Multiplying with Decimals p. 30 and 31

Number, Algebra and Ratio - Percentages, decimal and fractions - p 9 and 10




Grammar - Prepositions p. 34 and 35



Set A: Test 2 Making Rainbows


1. According to the text, what did Isaac Newton discover in 1666?


2. the same pattern of colours that makes up a rainbow

Explain how comparing the spectrum to a rainbow helps the reader to imagine what the spectrum looks like.


3. Write the numbers 1 to 5 in the boxes to put these instructions from the text in the right order.  


Make a hole in the middle, then put a pencil in the hole.

Split it into seven sections.

Colour in and cut out the circle.

Draw a circle.

Spin the disc on the table.


4. The text says you will need a pencil to follow these instructions. List three other pieces of equipment you will need.


5. How does the second half of the text make it sound easy to test Newton's discovery? Give two ways.


6. Complete the table about the second half of the test.

How wide does each section of the circle need to be? 
What should the diameter of the circle be?                                                 
Which two colours should be next to blue on the circle?