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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday 1st March


Year 1

LQ: How do I measure using a ruler?

Today we are going to be using rulers to measure length and height.

Can you find any rulers at home? Are they all the same? What's different about them?

Y2 Maths 

This week we are looking at recording data. 

We will be using the language total, altogether, more, less and difference. 


Today's lesson is an activity lesson about tally charts. There is no worksheet today, but you can use your book or paper to write on if you need to. 


As it is World Book Day on Thursday, for this week's English please choose from a range of activities linked to books (See below). I would love the children  to share their work during our Zoom calls this week. I would also like you to send in pictures, writing or art work for our website gallery. 




Year 1

Play Tricky Word Trucks and Flash Cards Speed Trial



LQ: Which (y)oo?


How many ways can we write oo? 

oo, ew, ue, u-e


Blend for reading: zoo


                           hoof                         l

Segment for spelling: root




Practise/ Apply : Read the Phoneme Spotter on Phonics Play together. How many words can they find that contain the 'oo' phoneme? 

Year 2



Which sentence is a command and which sentence is an exclamation? 


Comb your hair please. 


What a lovely day it is today! 



Spelling /or/ as or, aw, au, ore, oar (revision)

Revise graphemes for or. 

cork, saw, haul,  wore, roar, Taunton, draw, boar

Can they think of any more words to go in each group? 



Write the words and underline the or grapheme in each.



Write a sentence for each word which includes  a conjunction. (but, so, because, when).