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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Tuesday 19th May


Today we will be revising how to multiply decimals by integers (whole numbers). First, visit White Rose Maths to watch the video - it's called Lesson 2. Then, go to Bitesize to view the activity. Have a go at a range of questions. If you need to practise a bit more, write out your own question and use a calculator to see if you have got the answers correct. 



Yesterday, you came up with a long list of different settings for your creative writing this week. Firstly, can you look through your list and underline the 10 places which interest you most. Think about which places might intrigue a reader. Which ones immediately conjure up an image in your mind? 


Today, I want you to write a simple list poem. It could be around a theme (space, happiness, darkness) or just some combinations which caught your eye. Once you have written it, perhaps you could draw an illustration around your poem? 


Here is one example:



We are going to look at how the eye works today. To begin with, can you watch this video and then have a go at the short quiz on BBC Bitesize. Can you write down 3 things that you didn't know before? 

Can you correctly complete the sentences below, by using the information you have learnt?



Today we will continue with our weekly spellings. Visit Spelling Shed for some practice.

Then, find someone at home to play this game with.

Draw a 3 x 3 grid, so there will be 9 spaces. Take it in turns to spell one of the words from your list, placing it in any of the empty spaces on the grid. Who can be the first to correctly spell and place 3 in a row?

It might look like this:



We are going to be exploring a new book today. Click on the link below to look at the front cover and then read a chapter from the book, before answering the questions. This week, make a note of any books which interest you and you might want to read in full!