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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Tuesday 2nd February


Year 1

LQ: How do I compare objects up to 50?

Today we are comparing numbers using objects. We will be using our inequality symbols again. < less than, > more than and = equal to.

*Remember, the 'greedy crocodile' always wants eat the bigger number/amount.

Maths Challenges

If you would like to challenge yourself, there are some great questions below that involve using your reasoning and problem solving skills. You could answer one/two of these on paper or in your home learning exercise book. smiley

Y2 Maths 


Today we are revisiting the use of arrays in multiplication. 


Remember that multiplication is commutative...


2x5=10      5x2=10


You can use arrays to help you calculate a multiplication sentence smiley

Y2 Maths Challenge 


See Monday



Year 1


Play Tricky Word Trucks and Flash Card Time Challenge.


Practise spelling: oh, their, Mr, Mrs



LQ: Which ee? 

Blend for reading:  complete



Segment for spelling: Pete




Practise/ Apply : Play Word Sort

Write words in their own grids as we go. 


Year 2 

LQ: What is a homophone? 


Recap: Write a command. Write a statement. 


Teach:  their, they're, there

             be, bee

             to, too, two 


When do we use each word? 



 Write sentences for each.