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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday - Science & Geography


Living things and their habitats & human geography

How can environments change and pose dangers to living things? 
Why do environments change over time? 


Follow the online picture book "The Window" by Jeannie Baker - click here and answer the questions below: 


Whose room is the window in? 

How does the view change? 

What features can you see? (e.g. roads, power lines, factories) 

What changes can you list? 

Which changes do you think are good? 
Which changes are not for the best? 

Why do you think places need to change? 



Tuesday - Art/Science/Geography 


Draw what you can see from your bedroom window. Has your view changed at all? Do you know what was there before? How do you think the view may change in the future? What would you like to see? What would you not like to see? 


Use the sheet below to help you. 

Wednesday - Art, Times Tables & PE

Please practise your times tables, either with multiplication olympics sheets in your home pack or by logging into TT Rockstars. Please email us if you have lost or forgotten your login details and we will send them to you! 
Please find Joe Wicks' PE lesson video from this morning and complete this at home (or another PE/sporty video of your choice!). 

Thursday - RE


Please click here to access the lesson about Passover. 


Please create your own Seder Plate. You can use the template below to help you. Either colour and label the plate provided below and match the correct meanings to the food or draw your own from scratch and explain how each item on the plate reminds Jewish people about a particular part of the Passover story.

Friday - PSHE/RSHE and French


For today's PSHE/RSHE lesson, please click here to access the lesson and quiz. 

For today's French lesson, please click here to watch a video to recap numbers 1 to 10 and learn numbers 11 to 20. 


Then, please use the activity below to practise and check your pronunciation of the numbers and to see if you can remember them all!