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Friday 29th January


Year 1

LQ: How can I represent numbers to 50?

Today we are going to learn how to represent/show numbers in different ways using pictures, part-whole models, tens and ones (dienes/base 10) and ten frames.

We are going to be partitioning (breaking up) numbers into tens and ones. You could use objects at home to show the numbers in a practical way as well.

For example, you could use Lego bricks to build towers to show your tens and ones.


Year 2

Today we will be looking at multiplication using the X symbol. 

You can use objects that you have at home to help you like lego bricks, counters, beads or coins. 


What does 'lots of' mean?  Is it the same as groups of


What is repeated addition? 


4x5  is the same as 5+5+5+5    Can you see 4 lots of 5? 


3x3 is the same as 3+3+3         Can you see 3 lots of 3? 

Y2 Maths Challenges 

If you would like to challenge yourself, there are some great challenges below that involve using your reasoning and problem solving skills. You could answer one/two of these on paper or in your home learning exercise book smiley



Year 1 


Read Phase 5 tricky words.

Play Buried Treasure

Spell: called, looked, asked 




Blend for reading: acorn, angel

Segment for spelling: bacon, apron



Write own sentences using ai words./ Complete wordsearch. (See below)