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“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” John 10:10

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Monday 11th January



LQ: Can I add by counting on? 

Today we will be using number lines and ten frames to add. Remember adding can be done in any order, so start with the bigger number each time. 



LQ: How well can I listen to and talk about a story?

In this first lesson of this new unit, we listen to the story 'The Magic Paintbrush' and map out the key points in the story.


This will be taught during the 10.30am zoom. If you can't make it, please use the information below to do the lesson in your own time.


Revisit - Flashcard time challenge (all phases)

            - Tricky word trucks (choose any phase to practise reading tricky words)


Teach - Alternative spelling of /n/ - We can use 'gn' to make the same sound.


Blending for reading - gnat    gnaw    sign


Segmenting for spelling - resign    gnome


Practise/Apply - Read the phoneme spotter story (below). Today, I would like you to find all of the gn words. You could put all the words you find into a list. Challenge: Write a sentence using some of the gn words.